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Travel: Paris

A couple of days in Paris. The Eiffel tower, Versailles and the Louvre. Poor weather on the day we went to Versailles unfortunately, but you can't have everything.

Crime Diversion Scheme: Newlands Corner Hotel

My last shoot before our move from Dorking across to Woking. This was a presentation for Keep Out: Crime Diversion Scheme by the Rt Hon James Butler. I had to do some images of the presentation and some head shots of staff for the website. With the whole lower floor (ie the photogenic part) of the hotel taken up by Christmas parties and pouring rain outside, getting the lighting right was not easy.

Betchworth Park Golf Club

Some exterior and interior images for the Betchworth Park Club's brochure.

Brockham Fireworks

A good clear night for Brockham fireworks, seen from the top of Box Hill.

Forest Green Bonfire

Not my most successful night. Contrary to weather forecasts there was rain on and off most of the evening. I had to put my camera away just as the fireworks started and only managed a couple of handheld shots towards the end. Consequently they're not very good. Shame, as it was a fanatastic display.

Family Portraits

More fun family portraits from last weekend.

Family Portraits

Last weekend's family portrait session. Enjoy!

Wedding: Gatton Manor, Ockley

Last weekends wedding. The service at Brockham Christchurch followed by reception at Gatton Manor, Ockley. Great weather and a lovely day. Special thanks to everyone in the family group images. All done in under 15 minutes!!

Family Portraits: Box Hill

A family portrait session on Box Hill. Always busy on a weekend, it can be tricky to avoid having people wandering around in the background. The cloudy day produced a soft light and working with nice people is always fun. Images were taken around the viewpoint and at the fort.

Wedding: Northbrook Park, Farnham

A beautiful venue and the hottest day of the year!