When it comes to attracting a potential partner, a picture is worth a thousand words.

You want to look good, but natural. The best place to get good dating profile shots is outdoors. Of course it’s perfectly possible to get good studio pictures of this nature too, but the problem is they are obviously studio pictures; potential partners are going to be hyper-critical and suspicious of Photoshop work before they’ve even met you.

Shooting outdoors alleviates these issues. Carefully chosen spots can simulate studio lighting, showing you at your best without the need to go near a studio. If you’re worried about a blemish on your skin or something similar, don’t be. Light touch-up work is included in the price. Heavy duty Photoshop work is self-defeating and pointless. The vast majority of the time I find that people underestimate their looks anyway.

The price is £85 a set. This is for an absolute minimum of 10 high quality images; frequently more. Examples of good local areas for dating profile shots are Horsell Common or Woking Park. Allow around 1 hour for the session.